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Alfred Escher | Letters

Volume 1
Alfred Escher zwischen Lukmanier und Gotthard. Briefe zur schweizerischen Alpenbahnfrage 1850–1882

Published by Joseph Jung on behalf of the Alfred Escher Foundation, edited and annotated by Bruno Fischer, Martin Fries and Susanna Kraus. With contributions by Joseph Jung and Helmut Stalder

Publisher: NZZ Libro
Date: 08.2008
Size: 3 volumes, 808 pages
ISBN: 978-3-03823-379-4

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In 1882 Switzerland celebrated the opening of one of the wonders of the modern world: the Gotthard railway. Alfred Escher, the man who made the whole thing possible in the first place, died in December of that same year. This edition of Alfred Escher's letters gives a unique insight into his active involvement in politics and business as the battle that was fought to build Switzerland's Alpine transit route. The three parts of volume 1 of Alfred Escher's correspondence features 400 letters that provide fundamental new insights into the history of the Swiss Alpine railway project. Historical, political, microeconomic, financial and management themes are elucidated. The solid academic approach to the text of the letters sets new standards for editions of primary historical material and provides a foundation for further research. The original letters are enhanced by an extensive commentary, introductory notes, explanatory secondary texts and biographical sketches.