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Letter from Alfred Escher to Jakob Dubs, September 27, 1861 (first page).

The Alfred Escher Foundation professionally safeguards and makes accessible Escher's writings and other contemporary documents, objects, and primary and secondary literature, and ensures it is all available for academic research purposes. The Foundation's central project is to prepare its own academic editions of letters written by and to Alfred Escher, as well as to publish other source material and research works. The more than 5,000 letters from and to Alfred Escher have been published as part of a multimedia publishing project: the six-volume printed series and the digital edition of letters, representing the state of the art in digital editing.

Ongoing dissertation projects

The foundation offers an academic program for talented young researchers. This currently involves several dissertation projects exploring Alfred Escher and his influence in depth, thus making an important contribution to Swiss 19th century history.

  • Aufdermauer, Claudia: Die Bundesbarone und die Neutralität – Der Einfluss der Wirtschaftsvertreter auf die schweizerische Aussenpolitik und Aussenhandelspolitik (1848–1872).
  • Wiederkehr, Sandra: Alfred Escher und der Aufbau von Infrastrukturen im jungen Bundesstaat [working title]

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Joseph Jung (University of Freiburg i. Üe.)

Completed dissertation project

  • Koch, Björn: Alfred Eschers Netzwerke 18191857. Aufbau, Entwicklung, Potentiale, Freiburg i. Üe. 2013. [404 pages; with 15 network visualizations]

Completed Master's thesis

  • Fässler, Clemens: Briefe in Zahlen. Möglichkeiten, Mehrwert und Grenzen der quantitativen Briefanalyse anhand der Alfred-Escher-Briefe, Zürich 2015.