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Printed edition of the letters

Letter from Alfred Escher to Heinrich Schweizer, July 9, 1831.

The book-form of the letters makes it easier to get to grips with the individual documents: notes, commentary and references to related letters and relevant parts of the overview commentary help readers gain a rapid understanding of the subject as well as filling in background information. The print edition was designed for six volumes, and the sixth and final volume was published in 2015. The following list provides further information about the different volumes in the series.


Volume 6: Alfred Eschers Briefwechsel 1866–1882. Private Eisenbahngesellschaften in der Krise, Gotthardbahn, politische Opposition
Published (2015)
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Volume 5: Alfred Eschers Briefwechsel 1852–1866. Wirtschaftsliberales Zeitfenster, Gründungen, Aussenpolitik
Published (2013)
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Volume 4: Alfred Eschers Briefwechsel 1848–1852. Aufbau des jungen Bundesstaates, politische Flüchtlinge und Neutralität
Published (2012)
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Volume 3: Alfred Eschers Briefwechsel (1843–1848). Jesuiten, Freischaren, Sonderbund, Bundesrevision
Published (2011)
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Volume 2: Alfred Eschers Briefe aus der Jugend- und Studentenzeit (1831–1843)
Published (2010)
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Volume 1: Alfred Escher zwischen Lukmanier und Gotthard. Briefe zur schweizerischen Alpenbahnfrage 1850–1882
Published (2008)
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